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Boiler Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & More in St. Joseph, KS

As a business owner or building manager in St. Joseph, you might rely on an industrial boiler for space heating, water heating, or power generation. Regardless of its function, you need your equipment to operate dependably at all times and need a trusted company to perform boiler repair and other services.

For reliable industrial boiler services in St. Joseph, turn to North Point Boiler and Combustion. We have earned a distinguished reputation for our ability to meet our customers’ needs, no matter what the job entails. Our experienced team of union-certified professionals can perform any boiler, or combustion work, including National Board R Stamp Certified repairs that require welding boilers and pressure vessels.

To keep your St. Joseph boiler running efficiently, choose North Point Boiler for all of your service needs. Contact us today to learn more about St. Joseph boiler replacement and repair, or to schedule an appointment.

Industrial Boiler Installation & Replacement in St. Joseph

Expert Boiler Replacement & Installation in Cloud County

If you’re building a new industrial facility in St. Joseph, let North Point perform the boiler installation. Our detailed design-build services ensure your equipment meets your precise needs. We also replace older boilers that are wearing out. For new boiler installations and top-notch boiler replacements in St. Joseph, North Point Boiler has you covered! Our customer-first approach means we’ll do everything possible to help your boiler function efficiently for years to come.

We install gas, oil, and coal-fired boilers from many of today’s top brands, including:

  • Kewanee
  • Victory
  • Fulton
  • Rite
  • Nebraska
  • Columbia
  • Precision
  • Raypak
  • And more

For expert industrial boiler replacement or installation in St. Joseph, contact North Point Boiler today! 

Industrial Boiler Maintenance in St. Joseph

There’s no doubt that your industrial boiler is a significant business expense. That’s why it pays to invest in preventative maintenance. By testing, inspecting, and tuning up the vital components of your industrial boiler, you keep it in peak operating condition to improve performance and reliability.

We recommend scheduling preventative boiler maintenance once a year. If you do, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Equipment that lasts years longer
  • Fewer service calls in the coming year
  • Less downtime to maximize productivity
  • Service expenses you can plan to budget for ahead of time

Industrial Boiler Repair in St. Joseph

As with all mechanical equipment, boilers require the occasional repair to remain up and running. You know it’s time to schedule boiler repair if your system breaks down, suffers from performance issues, or drives up your energy bills.

North Point Boiler offers prompt, effective repairs for all types and brands of industrial boilers. Our team is skilled at diagnosing and fixing problems on the first attempt. In fact, we stock our trucks with all major replacement parts to increase the likelihood of a single-visit repair. If we need to make multiple appointments, we can provide you with a rental boiler to minimize downtime for your business. And if a breakdown occurs in the middle of the night, contact us for 24-hour emergency repairs.

We repair industrial boilers in a variety of commercial settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • School districts
  • Apartment complexes
  • Power plants
  • Gas and oil refineries
  • Convention centers
  • Airforce bases
  • Chemical plants

Professional industrial boiler repair is only a phone call away! Dial (816) 673-3912 or contact us online today to schedule your boiler repair in St. Joseph. 

St. Joseph Industrial Boiler-Burner Retrofit

Sometimes, an old boiler doesn’t require a complete replacement. Improvements in burner technology may drastically improve your equipment’s efficiency with just a burner retrofit. This upgrade could potentially save you thousands in unnecessary fuel expenses and help you meet industry emission requirements for code compliance purposes.

If you’re interested in an industrial boiler-burner retrofit in St. Joseph, please call us today to find out if your system is eligible.

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When you need boiler installation, replacement, maintenance, repair, or retrofitting in St. Joseph, look no further than North Point Boiler and Combustion. Our top-notch services ensure the most efficient, reliable boiler possible for your facility.

To learn more about our industrial boiler services like boiler replacement and repair in St. Joseph, contact us today!