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Refractory Installation in Kansas City, MO & St. Joseph, KS

Quality refractory materials are essential to the longevity of a boiler, helping to minimize metal fatigue, corrosion, and damage by providing a protective, insulating layer over the steel construction. They also help to improve its efficiency and performance by acting as a heat reservoir that maintains temperature longer and provides improved combustion efficiency. That is why a high-quality refractory installation is important and should not be overlooked during a boiler installation or retrofit.

At North Point Boiler and Combustion, we have extensive experience with all types of refractory installations, and our experts can recommend the best materials and processes to use for your boiler. Our highly trained technicians can also provide a professional, high-quality refractory installation with superior long-term performance, durability, and efficiency. Our company offers industrial and commercial boiler services throughout the Kansas City area, including St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO, as well as Lawrence and Topeka, KS.

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Choosing the Best Refractory Material

A quality refractory installation starts with selecting the right materials for the job. Firebrick is an option for some boilers, but most modern systems use some type of monolithic refractory that is cast, pumped, or sprayed into place. There are dozens of materials available that have varying pH levels, durability, hardness, adhesion, curing requirements, and more. Selecting the best material for your boiler will depend on several factors:

  • Boiler configuration – This includes where the boiler is located and its accessibility, its design, where the refractory will be installed inside, and more.
  • Site conditions – The temperature, humidity, dust levels, and available installation equipment will affect the choice of materials.
  • Compatibility – The refractory material must be compatible with the metal alloys used in the construction of the boiler, as well as any previously installed refractory materials for the best adhesion and performance.
  • Curing requirements – The curing or bake-out time and requirements of the refractory must be considered to stay on schedule and to avoid startup delays.
  • Installer skill – Make sure that your installer has experience with the chosen materials and process for the best results.
  • Budget – Advanced materials may cost more, but may also speed curing time, have better durability, or make installation easier. More cost-effective materials may be harder to work, cure slower, or have a shorter service life. Your choice will depend on your available budget and the amount of material required.

At North Point Boiler, we can help you narrow down the options and select the best refractory materials for your needs and budget.

Refractory Installation Services in Kansas City

Once material selection has been completed, our experts at North Point Boiler can choose the appropriate method to provide a high-quality, professional refractory installation. We have experience with all refractory installation processes, including:

  • Casting
  • Pump casting
  • Gunite
  • Shotcrete

We will ensure that the refractory material is applied evenly and consistently for superior performance and long-term durability.

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