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Boiler Services for Hospitals in Kansas City, MO

Reliable Hospital Boilers in the Kansas City Area

For hospitals, a dependable, efficient boiler is critical for day-to-day operations, from heating the building to providing domestic hot water. The boiler also generates steam for sterilization of medical equipment and for laundry services in facilities that still perform those functions in-house.

At North Point Boiler and Combustion, we can keep the boiler at your facility operating at its peak with our cost-effective industrial boiler services. Whether you need some basic maintenance and repairs, a retrofit, or a new boiler, our team can help. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout the Kansas City area, including St. Joesph and Topeka, Kansas. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 for help with all your boiler problems, and we offer fast response times to avoid excessive downtime at your facility.

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Boiler Installation & Replacement for Kansas City Hospitals

When you are building a new hospital or adding a building to an existing complex, contact our team at North Point Boiler and Combustion when it is time to install a boiler. We offer complete boiler installation and design-build services, allowing us to implement a custom solution that is perfectly matched to the needs and specifications of your hospital. We will help you choose the appropriate type of boiler for your facility, considering factors like the fuel source, boiler load, and steam pressure, volume, and quality requirements. Our goal is to create a system that is efficient, economical, and reliable. If your hospital has an existing boiler that is inefficient or outdated, we also offer complete replacement services.

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Industrial Boiler Repair

In a busy hospital environment, a boiler failure or malfunction can cause major problems. At North Point Boiler, we understand the critical need for fast, reliable repairs, and our expert technicians will work diligently to return your boiler to service. We offer 24-hour emergency repairs to keep downtime to a minimum, and we carry most common replacement parts to enable fast, single-visit repairs in many situations. Our technicians can perform any service your boiler requires, including re-tubing, burner replacement, factory repairs, and more. We also offer rental boilers in cases where repairs will take too long to complete and downtime is not an option.

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Boiler Maintenance for Hospitals in KS & MO

The best way to prevent problems with the boiler in your hospital is to make sure it is properly maintained. At North Point Boiler, we recommend a thorough maintenance visit once a year, during which our technicians will inspect the entire system, perform several tests to confirm proper operation, and complete a multi-step tune-up process. Our experts will work with your facility to design a custom maintenance program that addresses all the maintenance requirements of your boiler and its specific components. Our maintenance services offer several practical benefits, including:

  • Longer service life for your boiler
  • Fewer service calls
  • Greater reliability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Less downtime

If any problems are found during the maintenance process, we can perform the necessary repairs upon approval.

Hospital Boiler-Burner Retrofits

If you would like to increase the efficiency of your Kansas City boiler without the cost of replacing it, a burner retrofit may be an option. We specialize in boiler-burner retrofits, which can reduce emissions, increase efficiency and bring your boiler to code for much less than the cost of a new system. Not every boiler can be retrofitted, so one of our technicians will have to inspect your system to determine if it is possible.

Schedule Boiler Services for Hospitals in Kansas City, MO

We are a leading regional service company that specializes in the maintenance and repair of heating, processing, and power boiler systems. We service commercial, industrial, power plants, gas and oil refineries, chemical plants, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and multi-family properties throughout Jackson and Pettis Counties.

Whether your hospital needs maintenance, repairs, or a new boiler, our experts at North Point Boiler can help. We offer superior service, and we will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

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