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Heat Exchanger Repair in Kansas City, MO

As the leading source of carbon monoxide leaks in a home, a crack in your heat exchanger is not a matter to be taken lightly. Repairing a cracked heat exchanger as soon as you discover it is vital to the overall health of your furnace system and the health of everyone in your home.

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What Is a Heat Exchanger?

The heat exchanger is the metal component in your furnace system that allows heat to transfer from one fluid to another as it passes through the system. When your furnace turns on, heated or cooled fluid passes through the heat exchanger and transfers heat without the fluids coming into direct contact.

Why Do Cracks Occur in a Heat Exchanger?

As heat passes through your furnace, the metal of the heat exchanger expands and then contracts when it cools. The repeated expansion and contraction of the material due to the dynamic temperature changes in your furnace puts strain on the thin metal layer of the heat exchanger and can lead to a crack.

If a crack occurs, poisonous carbon monoxide can be released into your air ducts. This gas is incredibly toxic and even deadly to both humans and animals. If you suspect a crack in your system or your carbon monoxide detection systems have issued you a warning, turn off your furnace system right away and seek repairs.

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Benefits of Routine Heat Exchanger Maintenance 

You should always have your furnace regularly serviced and maintained for the health of the overall system. Other factors, such as poor airflow and excess moisture buildup can lead to weakened metal in your heat exchanger. These things are fixable, but will only be discovered during routine service for your furnace. The easiest way to avoid damage is to catch it early. 

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Heat Exchanger?

When considering whether or not to repair your heat exchanger system or simply replace the furnace, it is important to take the longevity of your system into account. Depending on the severity of the damage and the age of your furnace, it may be more cost effective in the long run to simply replace the entire furnace rather than simply replacing the cracked heat exchanger.

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