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Industrial Boiler Services for Gas & Oil Refineries in Kansas City & St. Joseph

Industrial boilers keep gas and oil refineries going by acting as a constant supply of energy required to generate equipment, blowers, and pumps. Maintaining the function and efficiency of industrial boilers is necessary to keep your gas and oil refinery functioning at its highest efficiency year-round.

North Point Boiler and Combustion offers a range of industrial boiler services for gas and oil refineries to ensure your refinery can efficiently run at all times. We offer professional boiler installation, replacement, and repair services for gas and oil refineries.

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Gas & Oil Refinery Industrial Boiler Installation Services

North Point Boiler and Combustion is skilled in installing industrial boilers at your gas or oil refinery. Our installation process is made of several phases that allow us to create a reliable, quality end product that will serve your business for years.

Our boiler installation process consists of several steps:

  • Phase I: Design – The system will be designed with close-attention-to-detail to guarantee it can accommodate the oil or gas refinery’s needs.
  • Phase II: Sizing – We will carefully measure the energy requirements needed for the refinery and size burners, system loops, combustion air, and venting systems.
  • Phase III: Piping – Our professional team will install the correct size and amount of piping to successfully provide heat to your refinery.
  • Phase IV: System Setup – The final phase allows us to bring everything together and have a successful end product.

During a boiler design and installation project, we’ll assess your performance needs and install your new equipment to maximize your investment. With North Point Boiler and Combustion, you can be confident in knowing our boiler installation services will set your gas or oil refinery up for success.

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Industrial Boiler Replacement in Kansas City

As industrial boilers age, they become less reliable and less efficient. If your boiler is quickly approaching the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced, it is important to plan accordingly so your oil and gas refinery is not negatively impacted. The benefits of replacing your industrial boiler include lowered energy and repair costs, increased reliability, and overall better performance.

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Boiler Repair for Oil & Gas Refineries

Serving Refineries in Kansas City, Overland Park, Omaha, Topeka, and Beyond

Your industrial boiler may need to be repaired and North Point Boiler and Combustion is highly experienced in performing boiler repair services. Taking immediate care of your boiler is important and helps keep it working for longer at your gas and oil refinery. If you have a small problem, schedule an appointment with a boiler repair services company before it becomes a more significant problem.

If you notice performance issues, more expensive operating costs, or unusual smells or sounds, you most likely need a repair.

To repair your industrial boiler system, call (816) 673-3912 or schedule an appointment online.