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Convention Facility Boiler Services in Kansas City, MO

When it comes to convention facilities, having a reliable and efficient boiler is essential for success in daily operations. A large facility’s boiler must have the ability to heat the entire building, as well as provide hot water. Convention center boilers must also be able to accommodate large crowds and a surplus of people for special events year-round.

At North Point Boiler and Combustion, we are committed to keeping the boiler at your facility operating at its peak with our cost-effective industrial boiler services. We offer basic maintenance, repairs, retrofits, and we can even replace your facility’s entire boiler system if needed. Our team is experienced in serving commercial and industrial facilities throughout Kansas City, including Topeka and St. Joseph. We have professional technicians available 24/7 to provide boiler system services and strive to prevent your facility from having excessive downtime in the event your boiler is not working properly.

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Boiler Installation & Replacement for Kansas City Convention facilities

If you are building a new state-of-the-art convention facility or expanding an existing one, contact North Point Boiler and Combustion for new boiler installation! Our extensive list of boiler installation and design-build services give you the opportunity to choose the best boiler for your convention facility by thoughtfully considering every important feature. We want to make sure the boiler you choose is the right fit for the boiler load, steam pressure, volume, quality, and fuel source. North Point Boiler will create a system that is reliable, economical, and efficient for your convention center. We also offer the same considerations when replacing an outdated or aged boiler system.

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In a busy convention facility with many people attending a show or event, a malfunctioning boiler can be problematic and cause discomfort. North Point Boiler understands the importance of fast and reliable repairs for your facility’s boiler and provides professional technicians to repair your boiler and get it back up and running. Our 24-hour emergency repairs will keep your property’s downtime to a minimum. Whether your boiler system needs a burner replacement, re-tubing, or a factory repair, North Point Boiler can help. Our rental boilers can also temporarily replace your boiler system if you need more serious repairs performed.

For 24/7 convention center boiler repair in the Kansas City area, contact us online today or call (816) 673-3912!


Effectively preventing problems with your convention facility’s boiler requires regular maintenance. North Point Boiler recommends a thorough maintenance visit from one of our technicians once a year. During this visit, the entire system will be inspected and several tests will be performed to confirm everything is functioning properly. We will work with your convention facility to design a custom maintenance program that addresses all the maintenance requirements of your boiler and its specific components. Our boiler maintenance services offer several practical benefits, including:

  • Longer service life for your boiler
  • Fewer service calls
  • Greater reliability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Less downtime

If any problems are found during the maintenance process, we can perform the necessary repairs upon approval.

Provide your boiler with the maintenance it needs to support your convention center. Schedule industrial boiler maintenance by calling (816) 673-3912 or contacting us online.


If you would like to increase the efficiency of your Kansas City boiler without the cost of replacing it, a burner retrofit may be an option. We specialize in boiler-burner retrofits, which can reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and bring your boiler to code for much less than the cost of a new system. Not every boiler can be retrofitted, so one of our technicians will have to inspect your system to determine if it is possible.

To find out if your convention facility’s boiler can be retrofitted, contact us or call (816) 673-3912!


Whether your convention facility boiler needs maintenance, repairs, or a new boiler, our experts at North Point Boiler can help. We offer superior service, and we will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

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