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Industrial Boiler Tube Replacement in Kansas City, MO

After years of service, an industrial boiler may start showing signs of leaks, corrosion, or other damage in the boiler tubes. When this happens, a boiler tube replacement, or retubing, is a cost-effective way to restore the performance and efficiency of the boiler while extending its service life.

At North Point Boiler & Combustion, we offer complete boiler tube replacement services, as well as tube repairs and boiler replacements. We feature ASME and National Board “R” Stamp certified technicians that can provide a full range of boiler repairs and service, including pressure vessel repairs. Our company serves industrial and commercial facilities throughout the Kansas City area, including St. Joseph, Lawrence, and Topeka, KS.

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Boiler Tube Replacement in Kansas City

Because boiler tubes are in constant contact with water and extreme heat, cracks, pitting, corrosion, and metal fatigue are a pervasive problem, eventually leading to the need for a full boiler tube replacement. At North Point Boiler, we have the equipment and experience to handle boiler tube replacements on fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers, flexible-tube boilers, and more. Our process includes:

  • Boiler inspection – Our experts will inspect the boiler, boiler tubes, and tube sheet, noting any damage and determining the best method for tube replacement.
  • Tube removal – The damaged boiler tubes will be cut and removed from the boiler, and any damage to the tube sheet will be repaired.
  • Tube installation – New tubes will be cut to size, bent if required, and inserted into the tube sheet. The ends will be rolled and expanded to secure the tube in place, then a second roll will ensure a good seal between the tube and the tube sheet.
  • Testing – Once all the tubes have been replaced, the boiler will undergo hydrostatic testing to ensure it can withstand full operational pressure without leaking.

We also offer tube repairs if the damage is limited to only a few tubes, as well as boiler replacement for systems that are no longer cost-effective to repair.

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The Benefits of Boiler Retubing

Retubing an existing boiler in an industrial or commercial facility is a great way to:

  • Extend its service life
  • Postpone a full boiler replacement
  • Restore optimum performance and efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Keep costs as low as possible

We service gas, oil, and coal-fired boilers from all the top manufacturers, include Cleaver-Brooks, Weil-McLain, Murray Mechanical, Bryan, and more.

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