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Industrial Boiler Tube Repair in Kansas City, MO

Industrial boilers are subject to constant heat cycling, corrosion, and high pressure during use and with time, components like the boiler tubes can begin to weaken and fail. Depending on the nature and location of the failure, boiler tubes may be repairable with a skilled contractor and the proper equipment.

At North Point Boiler & Combustion, we feature highly experienced, certified boiler technicians who can repair many boiler tube problems, as well as National Board “R” Stamp certified personnel who are authorized to perform pressure vessel repairs and welding. Our company serves businesses throughout the Kansas City area, including St. Joseph, Lawrence, and Topeka, KS.

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When to Consider Boiler Tube Repair

Boiler tubes are constantly in contact with hot combustion gases and water, which can be highly damaging to the steel used to make the tubes. Once one or more boiler tubes start to leak or fail, a decision will have to be made to repair the affected tubes, or to retube the entire boiler. The choice will depend on the available budget, the condition of the remaining tubes, and the effects of downtime on the facility. Repair is often the most logical and economical decision when:

  • Only a few tubes exhibit signs of failure
  • The remaining tubes are in good condition
  • The damaged sections are accessible and repairable
  • The appropriate personnel and equipment are available for repairs
  • Repairs can be done safely and the work can be verified with hydro-testing

At North Point Boiler, we can evaluate the overall condition of your boiler and the damage to the boiler tubes to help you determine the best course of action for your needs and budget. We offer both tube repair and tube replacement, and we will recommend the best option for long-term reliability, safety, and value.

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Boiler Tube Repair in Kansas City

When possible, boiler tube repairs can minimize costs and downtime while postponing the need for a complete retubing and overhaul. At North Point Boiler, our knowledgeable, skilled technicians can provide the repairs necessary to get your boiler back in service faster, including:

  • Re-rolling – Due to expansion and contraction over time, tubes can lose their seal with the tube sheet, resulting in leaks, lost efficiency, and more. Our technicians can restore the seal to the tube sheet using rolling or beading techniques.
  • Section repairs – If a crack, split, or leak occurs in a tube, our technicians can cut out the affected area of the tube and replace it with a new section. The edges of the old and new tube sections will be chamfered to accept a weld, tacked into place, then fully welded to create a leak-free seal.
  • Plugging – If a boiler tube has significant damage, but a full retubing or boiler replacement is planned in the near future, the affected tube can be sealed off with a steel plug that is welded into place. This limits downtime at the cost of slightly reduced performance.

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