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Industrial Boiler Repair in Kansas City, MO & St. Joseph, KS

If you run an industrial-scale business, you probably know that minor issues can grow into major breakdowns if you don’t address them quickly. That’s why you should call North Point Boiler and Combustion as soon as you notice something wrong with your industrial boiler.

Our technicians and engineers have the skills and experience needed to perform a job well done the first time around. Before we begin, we’ll offer a fair assessment of your boiler’s condition and estimated remaining lifespan. Then, we’ll explain whether we foresee a boiler replacement being the more economical option. Either way, you can trust North Point to resolve all your boiler repair and replacement needs.

Please contact us to schedule gas boiler services or industrial boiler repair in Kansas City, MO, St. Joseph, KS, or the surrounding areas.

Our Industrial Boiler Repair Services

When your boiler breaks down, the company you hire determines the experience you’ll have. North Point Boiler has a professional team of dedicated boiler technicians who use the latest tools and techniques to repair your equipment quickly and effectively. We also keep our trucks well-stocked to increase the chance of fixing your boiler in a single visit.

We service all types and brands of commercial boilers and complete repairs ranging from re-tubing to replacing the burner to conducting factory repairs. If the job is extensive, we’ll offer you a rental boiler to keep your business running while we work on the repair.

When selecting a boiler repair company, look for one that offers replacement materials and workmanship that meet ASME and National Board standards. North Point is ASME-certified and numbered among a select group of contractors that have received the Certificate of Authorization from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. This accreditation confirms that we maintain a strict quality control system for National Board Inspection Code (NIBC) repairs.

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When to Schedule Industrial Boiler Repair

The best way to tell when something is wrong with your boiler is to understand how the system operates from day to day. It only takes a few minutes to measure the boiler’s water level, gas pressure, flue gas temperature, operating temperature, and fuel consumption to give you a baseline of comparison. If you ever see these numbers fluctuate drastically, this indicates that a problem is developing, and you should schedule a boiler repair as soon as possible.

Other signs that your boiler needs service include:

  • Obvious performance problems: When your boiler fails to operate the way it should, shut it down and schedule a repair to prevent a hazardous situation from developing.
  • Strange sights, sounds, smells: Visible scorch marks or soot is a sign of a dangerous malfunction. Gurgling or banging could indicate low pressure or air in the water lines. The smell of spent gas or fumes might point to a hazardous leak. Don’t ignore these problems or they could pose a safety threat or develop into an expensive repair.
  • Operating costs on the rise: If fuel consumption is up, your energy bills will reflect this. Nip the problem in the bud to avoid paying excessive costs for months on end.

Emergency Boiler Repair in Kansas City & St. Joseph

North Point is committed to helping our customers reduce downtime and avoid safety concerns associated with sudden breakdowns. Count on us for 24/7 emergency boiler repair when you need us most. We’re here for you day and night, weekend and holiday, to get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Call us now at (816) 673-3912 for emergency boiler repair and gas boiler services in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or the surrounding areas!

Schedule Industrial Boiler Repair in KS & MO

If you’re concerned that your boiler is faulty, call North Point Boiler to come and take a look. Our repair work will keep your system running safely and efficiently. We also recommend preventative maintenance to reduce the need for future service calls.

To schedule boiler repair in Kansas City, St. Joseph, Omaha, Sedalia, and other surrounding cities in Kansas and Missouri, please contact us today.