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Industrial & Commercial Boiler Installation in Kansas City, Missouri

For commercial boiler installation services in Kansas City, trust North Point Boiler and Combustion for the job. We have an expert team equipped to install commercial boilers and will do so with detail-oriented planning and careful consideration of your heating needs. Our team will ensure you get the most out of your industrial boiler and we will handle the entire process. Whether you need a basic boiler system installed or a more complex multi-phase boiler installation, North Point Boiler is here to help.

For commercial boiler installation services in Kansas City, please contact North Point Boiler today.

Phase I of Boiler Installation: Design

To successfully install a commercial boiler, every detail must be thoroughly planned out. We understand every building, facility, and plant has different heating needs, and we meticulously design each industrial boiler to a location’s requirements. Our team also takes the boiler room’s limitations and requisite building codes into account. Our union-certified engineers and designers at North Point Boiler can can design the right boiler system for your building. We carefully plan each component and function needed for a successful heating system. We also ensure safe ventilation, appropriate system piping, and every other detail necessary for a successful industrial boiler installation at your Kansas City business.

Phase II of Boiler Installation: Sizing

North Point Boiler analyzes the amount of heat your building needs and incorporates it into the boiler installation process. We know the importance of having the right sized boiler to avoid the consequences of over-sizing and under-sizing. We will measure the heating requirements and calculate the Btu requirement. Our engineers will then size the burners, system loops, combustion air and venting systems, and other elements to match the heating load.

Phase III of Boiler Installation: Piping

A safe and efficient industrial boiler relies on the piping system. Each component of the pipes, fuel lines, and connections must be made of the proper materials. All safety valves, including a pressure reducing valve, feed stop valve, and check valve, must also be installed in the event the boiler is not working. North Point Boiler will strictly adhere to building codes and requirements when piping the commercial boiler. We always prioritize your safety and the heating system’s performance upon installation.

Phase IV of Boiler Installation: System Setup

The final step to getting your commercial boiler up and running is setting up the entire system. This process includes:

  • Level the boiler: After finding the appropriate location for the boiler, we will adjust the legs to guarantee the unit is level.
  • Install the burner: The burner is set in place, and the locking screws are tightened.
  • Connect the burner: Gas piping, wiring, and gas train components are installed next. These must be installed onsite using the components included with the burner. After the wires are connected, the proper gas pressure is established.
  • Connect the piping: Inlet and outlet water pipes circulate hot water around the building and return it for reheating.
  • Connect the venting: Different burners require unique venting solutions. Our team will make sure your setup has the correct ventilation as required by code.
  • Power the boiler: Your system needs wiring for power, controls, and grounding. We’ll hook up the electrical components of your boiler to ensure safe, proper operation.

Industrial Boiler Installation in Kansas City

Whether you need an industrial boiler system for an apartment complex or convention facility in Kansas City, North Point Boiler will carefully plan for the necessary sizing, heating, and piping needed for the unit to function. Our professional industrial boiler installation will ensure the unit efficiently performs year-round.

To schedule industrial boiler services, contact us today. We serve commercial buildings in Kansas City the surrounding areas.