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Boiler Combustion Upgrade in Kansas City, Missouri & Topeka, Kansas

When it comes to running power plants and other industrial facilities, boilers are essential pieces of equipment to everyday production and overall success of a business. They provide an efficient power source to the rest of the plant and must be maintained as time goes on to continue to do so. As industrial boilers age, it’s important to maintain their level of efficiency through a boiler combustion upgrade.

North Point Boiler is committed to providing quality boiler combustion upgrade services in Kansas City and Topeka. We will take your old boiler system and place it into a paralleling positioning system with automatic controls and bring your boiler’s efficiency up to par.

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When Should You Upgrade Your Boiler Combustion System?

For the most part, the life span of an industrial boiler is 25 years or more. Fully replacing a boiler requires taking several steps and planning until the installation is complete. However, upgrading your boiler combustion system is often times a better option than replacing the whole unit.

It may be time to upgrade your boiler system if you see any of the following signs:

  • Decreased efficiency
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Abnormal operating sounds

If you notice your plant or facility’s boiler is showing any of these symptoms, consider upgrading your system by having the professionals at North Point Boiler take your old system and put it into a parallel positioning system.

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Benefits of an Upgraded Boiler

North Point Boiler works to provide solutions for your boiler inefficiency and old age. If your business is losing money because of boiler heat loss, it’s important to proactively take care of the problem before it has a negative long-term impact on your facility. Upgrading your boiler system is beneficial for a few reasons, including:

  • It is more cost effective than replacing the entire boiler
  • It boosts fuel and energy efficiency
  • It can help decrease potential gas consumption

Upgrading your business’s boiler will help extend its lifespan while saving you on cost.

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Boiler Upgrades in Kansas City & Topeka

At North Point Boiler, our technicians are specialists in upgrading boiler combustion systems. We deliver exceptional customer service and are extensively trained in industrial boilers. Our expertise covers all boiler system types including oil, gas-fired, and coal-burning boilers.

We will begin the boiler combustion upgrade process by giving a full assessment and performance evaluation of the boiler system in its current state. We can then begin the upgrading process in the most appropriate way possible. North Point Boiler’s professional team will help you make your current boiler system run more efficiently and be more cost-effective.

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