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Industrial Boiler Burner Replacement & Retrofit in Kansas City, MO & St. Joseph, KS

Industrial Boiler Services in Kansas & Missouri

Boiler burners play what could be considered as the most central role in your commercial or industrial boiler systems. Responsible for not only supplying appropriate amounts of fuel, but they also incorporate air and mix elements to produce the process of combustion—essentially, they’re the beating heart of your boiler. And as such, having effective, up-to-date burners is one of the most essential keys to keeping your boiler system efficient and reliable.

North Point Boiler and Combustion offers leading boiler burner retrofits and replacements suitable for keeping your boiler system operating smoothly. With our years of experience and specialized industry knowledge of boiler systems both archaic and modern, we can help you create an efficient and effective solution for maintaining boiler performance.

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Why Retrofit Boiler Burners?

As we established, the burners of your boiler account for a huge chunk of the efficiency and effectiveness of the system as a whole. That said, they see hard use and often wear out far before the boiler system as a whole—a system that, when well maintained, can last for three decades or more. In these situations, a business can be confronted with a boiler that is overall just fine, but burners that are dropping the efficiency of the system by a massive margin.

Retrofitting new burners or replacing outdated burner components offers your business a far more cost- and time-efficient solution. By working with the team at North Point Boiler and Combustion, you can achieve modern efficiency ratings, save costs, and overall improve the flow and comfort of your business with a minimal investment.

By retrofitting your boiler’s burners you can expect:

  • A more cost-effective solution than full boiler replacement
  • A very noteworthy boost in fuel and energy efficiency
  • Potential gas consumption reductions of up to 2-4% on average

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Boiler Burner Retrofits & Replacement in Kansas City, MO

Our technicians specialize in retrofitting and replacement services for commercial and industrial boiler systems. With our strong history of superior customer service, our ties to leading component manufacturers, and our extensive knowledge and training we can offer a service that guarantees the results you want at a minimal cost to your business. We work with and are familiar with all boiler system types, from gas-fired and oil to coal-burning.

Our retrofit process begins with a full assessment and performance evaluation of your existing boiler system as a whole. With a full list of this information on hand, we can build out the retrofit that fits your needs best and offers the most benefits versus the cost of the project. A retrofit may include complete burner replacement, controls replacement, control valves, and more.

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Reach out to our team of boiler specialists today to find out more about how a retrofit service may be the ideal solution to your efficiency and performance troubles. For a team you can trust and professionals that place your business’ needs above all else, you need look no further than our North Point team.

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