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Boiler Services for Apartment Buildings in Kansas City, MO

Servicing the heating system of a multi-story apartment building requires specialized skills and years of experience. After all, the high-pressure hydronic and steam systems commonly found in these properties significantly raise the complexity associated with installing them.

Fortunately, North Point Boiler and Combustion has a team of pipefitters, welders, and boiler system design experts who can overcome the numerous challenges of installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining apartment building boilers.

To benefit from our high level of expertise, please contact us to schedule boiler services for apartment complexes in the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas.

Boiler Installation & Replacement for Kansas City Apartment Buildings

Perhaps you’re building a new apartment complex in the Kansas City area and you’re looking for a versatile, energy-saving way to provide hot water and heat to your tenants. Condensing boilers could be the perfect option.

Condensing boilers are a relatively new option for high-rise apartment buildings. They capture latent heat from exhaust gases, which older heaters waste, and use this to preheat incoming water. This reduces the amount of heat expelled from the venting system, resulting in an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 90 percent or higher.

During a boiler design and installation project for your apartment building, we carefully assess your sizing, efficiency, and performance needs. Then, we put our expertise to good use, installing your equipment to maximize the results of your investment.

Apartment Building Boiler Replacement

For years, owners of apartment complexes have been very limited in their boiler selection. Traditional boilers are very large and cumbersome, taking up a significant amount of space. Most importantly, old boilers tend to be quite inefficient at delivering hot water. This leads tenants to complain about limited hot water and spiked utility costs, especially in the winter.

If your aging boilers have started to go downhill in recent years, it could be time for an upgrade. Choose North Point Boiler to replace your bulky apartment building boilers with high-efficiency, floor or wall-mounted condensing versions. As described above, condensing boilers can save your tenants money by running much more efficiently than your outdated heating equipment.

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Apartment Building Boiler Repair in KS & MO

Are any of your boilers acting up? You can’t leave your tenants without heat and hot water for long! Schedule a repair from North Point Boiler, and we’ll send a licensed, experienced technician to your property as soon as possible. Our professional diagnostic equipment allows our team to identify problems promptly and recommend the best, most cost-effective course of action.

If it turns out repairing your aging equipment is not economical, we may suggest replacing the broken system with a condensing boiler. The compact size of this equipment allows you to individualize utilities with separate units installed in each apartment or a centralized location. This passes on the responsibility of paying heating bills to your tenants, which is often extremely attractive to potential tenants who want control over their own thermostats.

Apartment Building Boiler Maintenance

We recommend professionally maintaining your apartment building boilers once a year. This reduces the accumulation of destructive scale, helps to identify problems early, and keeps the equipment running at peak efficiency. As a result, your tenants enjoy more reliable performance, fewer breakdowns, and lower utility bills. Plus, an annual tune-up from North Point Boiler helps your apartment building pass local code inspections so you avoid costly penalties and fines.

Schedule Boiler Services for Apartment Complexes in Kansas City & St. Joseph

Choose North Point Boiler for professional boiler installation and service to ensure you and your tenants enjoy the most efficient apartment heating possible. You’ll also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing your boiler is running smoothly and safely.

To learn more about our commercial and industrial boiler services, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today. We serve apartment complexes and other buildings in Kansas City, St. Joseph, Topeka, Lawrence, Omaha, Warrensburg, Sedalia, and the surrounding areas.