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Pressure Vessel Services in Kansas City & St. Joseph

Commercial and industrial boilers are engineered to withstand signification pressures during operation, but with years of use, corrosion, chemical reactions, and fatigue from expansion and contraction can lead to failures in pressure bearing components like tubes, tube sheets, and welds. To repair the boiler properly and ensure safe operation, the repairs must be completed by a contractor certified to perform pressure vessel repairs.

At North Point Boiler and Combustion, we are National Board R Stamp certified for pressure vessel repairs, and our experienced, highly skilled welders can handle any boiler repairs your facility may require, from tube repairs and tube sheet replacements to pressure vessel modifications. Our company serves commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Kansas City area, including St. Joseph, Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, Warrensburg, and beyond. Our clients include schools, hospitals, power plants, refineries, chemical pants, and more, and we are dedicated to superior service and will go out of our way to ensure the job is done correctly.

When you need expert repairs on boilers and pressure vessels, both ASME code and non-code, trust our team at North Point Boiler. Give us a call today at (816) 673-3912 or contact us online to schedule pressure vessel repairs today!

Pressure Vessel Repairs in the Kansas City Area

Most businesses in the Kansas City area cannot afford to have a boiler out of service for any amount of time, even if redundancies are in place. Whether you need a minor repair, such as weld buildups on pinhole leaks, or a major repair, like tube sheet fabrication and replacement, our certified welders at North Point Boiler have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the job done properly with as little downtime as possible. As a National Board R Stamp certified company, we can handle all types of pressure vessel repairs or modifications, including:

  • Weld repairs and heat treatment
  • Weld buildups of corroded or damaged areas
  • Tube repairs, tube replacment, and tube rolling/expansion
  • Tube plugging and temporary repairs
  • Tube sheet repair and replacement
  • Tube sheet fabrication
  • Installation of studs, clips, or brackets on pressure-rated parts
  • Installation or replacement of nozzles
  • Modifications of pressure vessels and pressure-rated materials

All repairs and modifications will be inspected and pressure tested afterward to ensure they can withstand full operating pressure without leaks, cracks, or damage.

To schedule pressure vessel repairs in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

Pressure Vessel Inspection & Testing in KS & MO

If you suspect you have a leak in a boiler or pressure vessel, or if your facility has had repairs recently performed, it is a good idea to have the system fully inspected and pressure tested. At North Point Boiler, our expert technicians can inspect your boilers and pressure vessels for corrosion, leaks, cracks, bulges, and other damage, plus we can perform comprehensive leak testing to verify the equipment can maintain proper operating pressure. We offer both hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing, and we can recommend the best and most cost-effective repair strategies for any problems we may find.

Contact us today for boiler or pressure vessel inspections in Kansas or western Missouri.

Call Today for Pressure Vessel Repairs & Inspections in Kansas City, MO

Avoid extended downtimes and losses at your Kansas City business. Choose our skilled team at North Point Boiler for fast, efficient, and cost-effective pressure vessel repairs. We will work diligently to get your boiler back in service as quickly as possible without compromising safety or quality.

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