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Boiler Control Services in Kansas City & St. Joseph

For a commercial or industrial boiler to operate safely, efficiently, and properly, it must be able to react to changing conditions like temperatures, pressures, and output demands, adjusting combustion parameters, fuel flow, water levels, and other variables to compensate. The boiler operating and safety controls are responsible for monitoring and controlling the system, and like other parts of the boiler, they require occasional maintenance, repairs, and component replacements to keep the boiler running properly.

When you need a qualified mechanical contractor in the Kansas City area to service your boiler controls, choose our proven team at North Point Boiler and Combustion. We are a leading provider of industrial and commercial boiler services in the Kansas City region, and we serve clients throughout Kansas City, St. Joseph, Clarence, Topeka, Warrensburg, and the surrounding areas. We feature a customer-centric approach that focuses on boiler efficiency and performance, and our skilled technicians will work diligently to ensure all your boiler service needs are met.

To schedule service for your boiler controls and related systems, call North Point Boiler today at (816) 673-3912 or contact us online.

Boiler Control Installation & Replacement in Kansas City

At North Point Boiler, we offer boiler control installation and replacements for industrial and commercial boilers of all types, including firetube and watertube boilers; gas, oil, and coal-fired boilers; and more. Whether you are adding a new control or replacing a faulty component, we install all common operating and safety controls, including:

  • Single boiler operating controls
  • Master controls for multiple boilers
  • Main and auxiliary low-water cut-offs
  • High-limit controls
  • Combustion air proving switches
  • Atomizing air proving switches
  • Low gas pressure switches
  • High gas pressure switches
  • Low oil pressure switches
  • High oil pressure switches
  • Feedwater pump controls
  • Flame scanners
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Gas valves
  • And more…

Our experts can recommend the best controls for your equipment, and we work with many of the top manufacturers and distributors to source the best components possible, including Bryan, Cleaver-Brooks, Laars, Murray Mechanical, Weil-McLain, and others.

Contact us today for boiler control installation or replacement in St. Joseph, Lawrence, or Topeka.

24-Hour Boiler Control Repair in Lawrence & Topeka

A malfunction in a boiler control can cause the boiler at your facility to operate abnormally or shut down completely. To avoid unnecessary downtime, call our team at North Point Boiler right away. We offer boiler control repair throughout the Kansas City area, as well as 24/7 emergency service. Our expert technicians can:

  • Perform extensive troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Replace faulty controls and related components
  • Replace faulty sensors, actuators, or motors
  • Repair damaged wiring, relays, or contactors
  • Update program parameters or firmware
  • And more…

To schedule repairs for your boiler controls in Kansas City, Lawrence, or Topeka, contact us today!

Boiler Control Maintenance in KS & MO

One of the best ways to keep the boiler controls at your facility functioning properly is through regular inspections and maintenance. At North Point Boiler, we offer full boiler control maintenance as part of our preventative maintenance program. Our experts will:

  • Inspect the controls, sensors, and wiring
  • Test actuators and motors
  • Test relays and contractors
  • Verify senor data
  • Monitor control operation
  • Verify program parameters

Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance for your boiler controls today.

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When you need fast, dependable boiler control services in the Kansas City area, trust our experts at North Point Boiler.

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